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"Bits and Pieces: Acme Provides Member Benefit"
by n/a
Published in CES Prospectus
Are you connected to the internet? Do you have access to the vast amount of information on the world wide web? If you do, are you satisfied with the amount of money you are paying and the quality of service you receive?

Full internet service for the competitive monthly fee of $20 is now available to CES members though ACME Express, Inc., internet service provider.

"You'll get the same price as America On-line's (AOL) new deal, but you won't get near as much traffic," said Don Scipione, CES memberand president of ACME Express. "Acme users rarely have busy signals even during peak hours."

Acme Express developed the CES website (, but also arranged this special deal for CES members. By choosing Acme, members receive internet access at the best price possible as well as benefit the Society. Acme has agreed to donate 20 percent of the monthly fee to CES. Among other things, this money will help to maintain and expand CES presence on the world wide web. Outstanding service and no busy signals make Acme express an easy choice for internet service. Registration forms can be obtained through CES by calling (216) 361-3100.

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