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"Reward Winning Xtrieve Applications"
by N / A
Published in Platinum News

Don Scipione of the Acme Company, and Rose Ann Pascucci of the Surety Title Agency contributed this tech tip to modify their description field to track vital operations information:

Tracking Additional Information

Needs: Acme needed to store additional vital operations information besides that which is already tracked in the Platinum Inventory module.

Solution: To track several related pieces of information, Acme used the Item Description field to track them in a consistent format - item 1 in the first 10 bytes, item 2 in the next 5 bytes, etc. Using Xtrieve, they made another template which redefined the Item Description field so that each item can be accessed independently.

In a land tile industry application, the policy amount and policy number are needed for reporting after an invoice has been paid.

The standard Platinum template (FILE:ARLINH) with a 40 byte description field.

Don and Rose Ann created a customized template (Location: ARLINHd) in which the 40 bytes have been split into 2 fields: dDESCRIPTION for 13 bytes and ddesc2 for 27 bytes.

Both templates view the data in LOCATION:ARLINH; so dDESCRIPTION and ddesc2 can be independently accessed through the customized template.

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