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Priority Dispatcher, the software solution for the transportation industry, finds efficient routes for truck routing. These routes excel in a geometrical sense: few stops with a minimum of cross miles. Priority Dispatcher goes beyond just stops and mileage -- it lets you dynamically define the meaning of a "good" route and prioritize the importance of:

  1. Efficient routing
  2. Optimal trailer utilization
  3. Customer service

Since Priority Dispatcher was written for the PC platform (not a scaled-down system, converted from mainframe technology), the data structures and algorithms are optimized for the PC.

Priority Dispatcher's network is easy to maintain. There are no time-consuming procedures because routing calculations are performed at execution time, always reflecting the current network status.

You may define "barriers" to force the system to route around geographic obstacles -- mountains, lakes, etc. -- or to avoid poor roadways. Barriers also create your preferred transportation corridors.

Priority Dispatcher routing works equally-well in congested cities -- like London and Los Angeles -- and the outlying countryside, and can be quickly implemented for any geography - worldwide.

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Priority Dispatcher
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