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WriteNOW! is an on-line internet publishing system that allows those with little or no computer training to provide content to a newspaper or newsletter. Authors publish their work product and learn computers, reading, writing, and critical thinking, in a fun way that offers immediate feedback and gratification.

WriteNOW! eliminates the technological barrier preventing publishing content on the Internet. Most on-line publishing systems are geared toward business and are very expensive with a high learning curve. WriteNOW! is geared toward education and providing incentive for the technology disenfranchised. Authors quickly show a greater propensity to write and tremendous pride in their published work; and at the same time they master technology that is essential in today’s job market.

It is easy to input content. Simple screens require only basic knowledge of how to type on the keyboard and point-and-click with the mouse. As an author becomes more proficient with the computer as a tool she can use advanced techniques to better format her work product. As she learns to add bolding, italicizing, using different fonts, hyper-linking to drawings or other pages on the newsletter or content anywhere on the Internet, she will also be learning the art of “programming.” There is virtually no limit to what she can accomplish.

In addition to writing an article, the author must learn to title it, abstract it, and identify key words. When authors submit articles their editors (or mentors) are notified. The editor reviews the work and either validates it for publication or sends it back to the author with critiques. The author is notified, makes appropriate changes and resubmits to the editor. When finally accepted for publication, the article is automatically formatted with appropriate headlines and placed on the author’s page with links to other articles by the author and by other authors on the same topic.

The system security environment allows managers to define authors, editors and specify the editorial approval steps required in order for an article to be published on-line.

WriteNOW! is a learning environment, a platform, and a gateway to knowledge and self-confidence. WriteNOW! was developed by Acme Express, Inc. with funding support from the U.S. Department of Education Small Business Innovation Research program. It was successfully tested in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes of the Cleveland Empowerment Zone elementary schools.

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