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2007 Radiology Associates of North America (RSNA) ...More Story
Acme Express will be demonstrating DOCS Scheduler at the RSNA show November 25-30, 2007

2007 American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Annual Meeting ...More Story
Acme Express will be demonstrating DOCS Scheduler at the ASA annual meeting October 13-17, 2007

COSE poll uncovers stimulus package priorities ...More Story
3/11/2002 Crain's Cleveland Business
A request by U.S Sen. George Voinovich to identify...

WHO’S NEWS ...More Story
7/1/2001 PDK North Coast Chapter of Ohio Newsletter
Richard Oldrieve, teacher of 16 years

Software for hard numbers gets second-graders' attention ...More Story
6/13/2001 The Plain Dealer
A Cleveland internet software company hopes to strengthen the math skills...

Member Profiles ...More Story
5/1/2001 COSE Update
Volunteer profile: Don Scipione

Online arithmetic ...More Story
4/1/2001 Cleveland / Akron Family
Acme Express Inc. has received a $300,000 Innovation Research Grant...

Online Arithmetic Curricumlum Boosts Students Skills ...More Story
3/8/2001 The Critique
“Count Me Smart” Combines New Math and Back to Basics...

Online Arithmetic Curricumlum Boosts Students Skills ...More Story
3/8/2001 Acme Express Press Release
“Count Me Smart” Combines New Math and Back to Basics...

New Web site will serve as a Northest Ohio arts calendar ...More Story
1/25/2001 The Plain Dealer
Beginning in April, arts organizations across Northeast Ohio...

Doctoring Tasks ...More Story
12/1/2000 SBN Magazine Cleveland
The job is relatively simple.

Trade Secrets ...More Story
2/1/2000 COSE Update
Marketing Your Web Site

Publishing on the Net; It's Elementary ...More Story
5/9/1999 Cleveland Tab
Discover the work put into creating the first Internet based newspaper...

Businesses Thrive in the Zone ...More Story
4/12/1999 Crain's Cleveland Business
Acme Express, Inc. thrives in its new location within...

Trade Mission ...More Story
4/1/1999 Northern Ohio Live
Acme Express joins forces with the World Trade Center Cleveland...

What's in a Domain? ...More Story
3/1/1999 COSE Update Magazine
This past summer, Compaq Computer Corporation paid businessman...

Partnership and success Stories for America's Neighborhoods ...More Story
2/1/1999 In Their Own Words
Acme Express has teamed with MidTown since 1993, and in 1997...

Elementary schools create internet newspaper ...More Story
12/9/1998 The Plain Dealer
Acme Express Inc. to produce student newspapers on a web site...

Internet Publishing ...More Story
12/9/1998 T.V.43 / WUAB / UPN 10 pm News cast
Dozen of Cleveland elementary school students

Get the Most From Your Design Company ...More Story
12/1/1998 COSE Update
Establishing your company's presence on the internet can be a daunting...

Elementary Students To Create Web Newspaper ...More Story
11/16/1998 Crain's Cleveland Business
Acme Express Inc., is designing an Internet school newspaper...

Are You Y2K Ok? ...More Story
11/1/1998 COSE Update
There's no simple yes or no answer to this question.To figure out whether your systems are Y2K..

Seven Reasons Why Websites Fail ...More Story
10/1/1998 COSE Update
You have just built your first web site All of your colleagues and friends...

Intersa a estadunidenses invertir en Chihuahus ...More Story
6/12/1998 El Diario Finanzas
Un gropo de representantes de empresas estadunidenses manifestaron...

35 Software Firms Develop Local Industry Trade Group ...More Story
11/10/1997 Crain's Cleveland Business
The last thing Don Scipione wanted to do was tell competitors...

Entrepeneurs Going Global To Expand Markets, Contacts ...More Story
8/11/1997 Crain's Cleveland Business
Touring exotic locations like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing...

Rebuilding our Inner City ...More Story
5/1/1997 The Empowerment Zone
As the most recent hire at Acme Express, William Gray takes pride...

Software Maker To Use Grant To Help DOCS Keep Schedule ...More Story
3/24/1997 Crain's Cleveland Business
A Cleveland software company has received a $750,000 federal grant...

Bits and Pieces: Acme Provides Member Benefit ...More Story
2/1/1997 CES Prospectus
Are you connected to the internet?... Do you have access...

U.S.-French Chamber Marks Home Site ...More Story
2/25/1996 The Plain Dealer
The Northern Ohio French-American Chamber of Commerce...

Money Will Go Toward Testing Scheduling Program ...More Story
6/5/1995 Crain's Cleveland Business
A Cleveland software developer has earned a $75,000 Small Business...

Answers to Physicians' Computer Questions. ...More Story
3/25/1993 Medical Tribune
Doctors on Call Schedule, was the top-rated scheduling program...

Scheduling Staff ...More Story
12/1/1992 Medical Software Reviews
Scheduling employees is a repetitive task well-suited to computerization...

Optimizing Staff Scheduling by Monte-Carlo Simulation ...More Story
11/8/1992 16th Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
DOCS is a computer program which generates the staff schedule.

RSNA tour highlights low-cost products ...More Story
3/1/1991 Diagnostic Imaging
The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America finally...

DOCS ...More Story
10/8/1988 American Society of Anesthesiologists 1988 Annual Meeting
DOCS, Doctors on-call schedule, is a personal computer based scheduling program ...

Reward Winning Xtrieve Applications ...More Story
11/1/1987 Platinum News
In a land title industry application, the policy number are needed...

Computer software for Transportation ...More Story
12/1/1985 Traffic World
The Acme Co.'s "Priority Dispatcher" is one of the most interesting...

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